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GoodSpace by No Frills Joe Brewing Company


It has been crazy 4 years and I couldn't be more grateful for your loyalty and support thus far but my vision for No Frills Joe hasn't quite materialised yet. 2020 is not easy for anyone and we certainly felt it too yet looking ahead, I can't see anything but bright future.

So far this year we have added 1 staff — Mirek, who is my assistant in brewing and just about everything else. Mirek is going places!
In addition we have built a cold room for that extra shelf life and freshness and added more kegs to our existing fleet. We are now beginning to package our beer into KeyKegs and cans (very soon) which will allow us to send spread the love further afield should there be demand. Our 1h beer delivery service through Beer Doctor Joe app is growing strong.

All is well but we always wanted to have headquarters that would allow us to welcome larger crowds, 7 days/week and in a comfortable setting. This was simply impossible to offer at the brewery due to space constrains. This is why we are shopping for finance that will enable us to do just that. Largest portion of funds needed would come from KMBF loan and remainder from this crowdfunding campaign, with a total investment of 150-200k.

Our proposed premises address is Unit D, Langley Square, Dartford — a newly built development with over 1400 households when completed. Perfectly located next to Dartford station, ground floor retail unit spreading over 200 m2 with high ceilings and lots of natural light.



GoodSpace by No Frills Joe Brewing Company would be our first (and main) taproom but we would offer more than just great beer. Our 3 main products would be:

  • craft coffee brewed to perfection and range of sweet foods to accompany.
  • simple but exceptionally prepared food menu, i.e. wood fire pizza, burgers and more.
  • our specialty — craft beer and cask real ale. Approximately 30 taps and hand pumps with beers from best breweries from Kent, London and all over UK, plus range of beers brewed at No Frills Joe Brewing Company, naturally. Fridges loaded with bottles and cans to take away.




            We intend to create modern, industrial, all-day, feel-good space for residents of Dartford and surrounding towns, a short train ride away. I strongly feel that there is strong demand for such a locale in Dartford but your opinion is the one that matters most, at the end of the day.


            If you would like to help make this plan a reality, and scoop some great benefits along the way then consider funding us here.


            Please note that:

                • images of interiors are for illustration purposes only.
                • proposed address is not confirmed at this stage and is subject to change.
                • remaining funding is not confirmed and highly depends on success of this campaign.
                • rewards will begin to be redeemable in month 4 of operation (or sooner if viable) which will give us some breathing room.



            Pure & Fresh

            Beer straight from source. Always unpasteurised, unfined and vegan.

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            All DA postcodes + some BR, ME, RM & TN. Details at checkout.

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