Home Brew Club

Meetings take place around 20th of each month. Click here for our facebook events page.
No Frills Joe Brewing Company Headquarters
50 Wakefield Road, DA9 9JE

No Frills Brew-Club

What is it?

No Frills Home-brew Club is a local group of people who share passion for brewing best possible beer, at home. It started small (2 members) but we now have a group of around 10 people meeting once a month at our brewery in Greenhithe, Kent.

What to expect from our meetings?

It's always very informal and has no particular structure, yet. We simply share each others home brews and exchange opinions about it in a constructive way. Wether an award winner or a dumper we try to be cool about it and help each other out.  

Is it for me?

So you've been brewing awesome beer and can't drink it fast enough? Can't quite make it taste like Punk IPA? Have equipment issues? Like to exchange experiences with others? Don't know where to start? Yeah, it's for you.

How do I join?

For live discussion join our facebook group. If you're not on social media you can always drop me an email, text or just phone me up. 07516725577 or

No frills. 

Pure & Fresh

Beer straight from source. Always unpasteurised, unfiltered, unfined and vegan. No frills.

Local Delivery Service

Srving DA1-DA18 + BR8 postcodes. Order by 6pm for same day delivery.

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